New Year’s Resolutions for Baltimore

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In 2012, Baltimore was judged “cool” (by Forbes), “smart” (Newsweek), and good for singles (Kiplinger). Maryland was the most enterprising state in the nation, and UMD boasted the country’s most popular president. Sure, we make fun of these statistics-driven rankings, but we also appreciate them for what they are — a vague indication of where we are now, and a sense of what we still have to improve. (In the “needs improvement” column, it should be noted that Maryland is also¬† “kinda fat” and possibly corrupt.)

  • We’ve made it onto Newsweek’s list of America’s smartest cities for years now. We’ve got stellar universities, exciting research projects, and innovative educational initiatives. But we’ve been slowly slipping down Newsweek’s list, from cracking the top 10 to barely eking by at #25. While we grant that those numbers don’t actually mean anything, wouldn’t this be a good excuse to double-down on Baltimore’s commitment to ensuring that the smartest among us are working to better all of Baltimore? Johns Hopkins and Morgan State’s joint efforts with the East Baltimore Community School are a step in the right direction.

What are your hopes (or fears!) for Baltimore in 2013?

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