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What We Can Learn from the Fells Pt. Candy Bar Thief



On New Year’s Eve last Monday, a few minutes before eight p.m., a 40-something man–5’10”, 170 pounds (read more at The Baltimore Sun)–strode through a Royal Farms in Fells Point tossing boxes of candy bars into a bag he’d brought from home.

“Are you stealing that?” asked the slack-jawed clerk.

“Yes,” replied the bold, weapon-free thief, who stole $180 worth of candy and still remains on the potentially sugar-spiked run this week.

An employee stood in his exiting path, but he merely pushed her aside. My semi-serious question for the guy: Did you perhaps intend to stop eating candy on January 1, and therefore binge wicked bad on 12/31?

New Year’s Resolutions for Baltimore



In 2012, Baltimore was judged “cool” (by Forbes), “smart” (Newsweek), and good for singles (Kiplinger). Maryland was the most enterprising state in the nation, and UMD boasted the country’s most popular president. Sure, we make fun of these statistics-driven rankings, but we also appreciate them for what they are — a vague indication of where we are now, and a sense of what we still have to improve. (In the “needs improvement” column, it should be noted that Maryland is also  “kinda fat” and possibly corrupt.)

Tricks to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions, Baltimore



Quick! It’s already December 28th! Time to make those ultra-ambitious resolutions (by the dozen) that typically get abandoned (if you’re like me) two weeks into the New Year (or sooner). Sigh. As we approach 2013, I wondered, “Is there any reasonable way to make a resolution stick? What do the ‘experts’ have to say?” And by experts, yes, I do mean random advice-givers that we tend to locate online…late at night. According to them, yes, there’s much hope via recommended strategy. According to my deeper soul-searching, I have an intuitive new suggestion or two to offer readers with resolve.