Now Running in Florida, Former Md. Congressional Candidate Goes off on Reporter

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Dan Bongino

After running for Congress and U.S. Senate here, Dan Bongino has become a Florida Man. But he’s still running for office.

The former Secret Service agent who unsuccessfully ran for Ben Cardin’s U.S. Senate seat and John Delaney’s House seat is running for Congress in South Florida, where there’s an open seat. The move has prompted some questions about his authenticity in Florida, including reports that contributions have come from outside his district. In writing about the stories, Politico reporter Marc Caputo called Bongino for comment. But as the two went around about the contribution question, Bongino got heated. He hurls a series of insults, and called Caputo a “life’s loser,” a “hack” and a “liar.”

“I’m going to make you an example. You will regret the day we had this conversation,” he said.

Caputo then brought up Bongino’s losing campaigns, and asks him whether he lives off his campaign donations. Eventually, the conversation devolves into an expletive-laced tirade from Bongino. We know all this because Caputo was recording the conversation. Bongino claimed he never consented, but Caputo said he put it in writing.

Bongino doubled down on Baltimore radio Tuesday, telling Bryan Nehman that Caputo is a “weasel” and a “punk.” But the radio host and author said he would’ve been more “diplomatic” with his language if he knew the interview was going to be recorded.


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