NPR Slows Down Future Islands’ SXSW Set, Streams New Album

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You may have noticed we’ve been gabbing about Future Islands quite a bit at the Baltimore Fishbowl as of late. But it’s not just because we’re fans of the Baltimore band’s dramatic take on synth-pop. From dazzling audiences (and Dave himself!) on Letterman, to becoming the toast of Austin’s South by Southwest festival, they’ve been having a pretty notable month!

Here’s another example of one big reason why: frontman Samuel T. Herring’s singular stage movements. NPR’s “All Songs Considered” posted a slow-motion video of Herring rolling his body like he’s standing behind a heat haze while performing at South by Southwest.

Here it is. I’m not generally superstitious, but a little of this on a Monday has got to be good luck for the rest of your week!

UPDATE: You can stream Future Islands’ new album Singles at NPR’s First Listen!

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