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NPR Slows Down Future Islands’ SXSW Set, Streams New Album



You may have noticed we’ve been gabbing about Future Islands quite a bit at the Baltimore Fishbowl as of late. But it’s not just because we’re fans of the Baltimore band’s dramatic take on synth-pop. From dazzling audiences (and Dave himself!) on Letterman, to becoming the toast of Austin’s South by Southwest festival, they’ve been having a pretty notable month!

Here’s another example of one big reason why: frontman Samuel T. Herring’s singular stage movements. NPR’s “All Songs Considered” posted a slow-motion video of Herring rolling his body like he’s standing behind a heat haze while performing at South by Southwest.

Here it is. I’m not generally superstitious, but a little of this on a Monday has got to be good luck for the rest of your week!

UPDATE: You can stream Future Islands’ new album Singles at NPR’s First Listen!

After More National Attention, City Attempts to Crack Down on Dirt Bikes

Photo by Lotfy Nathan
Photo by Lotfy Nathan

The youths who ride dirt bikes through Baltimore’s city streets — often seen swarming cop cars and popping wheelies through red lights — have gotten national attention recently as an online photo essay from the New York Times and as the subject of Lotfy Nathan’s buzzed-about documentary 12 O’Clock Boys.

And it looks like the embarrassment that’s inspiring in the Baltimore Police Department — not to mention the continuing threat to public safety the dirt-bikers pose — is inspiring law enforcement to step up efforts to crack down.

Baltimore’s Dirt Bike Movie Picked for SXSW, Needs More Money


Baltimoreans have mixed feelings about our city’s dirt bike culture (“total menace!” a commenter opined here at the Fishbowl last summer; “both intimidating and thrilling,” a New York Times reporter weighed in last weekend). Local filmmaker Lotfy Nathan has been documenting the city’s 12 O’Clock Boys for years, and his documentary film about a West Baltimore kid who joins up with the Boys, has just been selected to have its world premier at the South By Southwest film festival — one of only 8 films selected out of 905 submissions.