David Keene
David Keene

National Rifle Association President David Keene is speaking at a Lincoln-Reagan Day celebration in Glen Burnie today to — get this — talk about Maryland’s recently passed Firearm Safety Act and how it’s an infringement on — can you guess? — our Second Amendment rights.

The new law bans 45 types of military semi-automatic rifles, limits magazine capacity, and — in a move I’m sure is already sending tin-foil-hat-wearing anti-government paranoiacs into conniptions — requires the fingerprinting of those applying for handgun licenses. So when Keene makes some noise about challenging the law in the courts, I’m sure it will be very rousing.

Okay, I admit it. Mandatory fingerprinting creeps me out a little bit, too.

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  1. Well, if fingerprinting creeps you out, don’t apply for a handgun permit. Also, don’t apply for a job with the federal government, the school district, or law enforcement. Oh, rule out the military as well. Likewise, forget many job opportunities at camps or day care centers (places where children are in contact with adults).
    Frankly, i am far more creeped out by folks who cannot find any reason to regulate the use of firearms; that precious Second Amendment does begin, ” A well regulated militia being necessary…”, so regulation is part of the amendment.

  2. chemjim, you conveniently forgot to quote the rest of that amendment . . .

    Ask any objective Constitutional law professor, and they will tell you this recent wave of new gun laws won’t help and are generally unconstitutional:


    Firearms are already very heavily regulated. This law won’t decrease violent crime, but it will affect law abiding citizens. When people see that this law doesn’t help, they will blame “loopholes”, then try to pass another law, then blame “loopholes”, then try to pass another law, and another . . .

    I somehow don’t see criminals getting in line for fingerprints or gun registration. I also noted that none of them were in Annapolis protesting the new gun bill.

    I am all for reasonable gun laws. But we already have too many, and have gone past the point of “reasonable.”

    Hopefully the NRA guy can talk some sense into our legislators–the same ones who brought us the rain tax.

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