Image courtesy of Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County’s public schools are seeing an increase in students bullying each other, and teachers and administrators are getting caught in the crosshairs.

Maureen Burke, who has taught Spanish at Dulaney High School for 24 years, said fights break out regularly. Recently there were three in one day.

“It never used to be this way,” Burke said.

She said it used to be more like a handful of fights a year. Burke said two teachers tried to intervene to break up a fight in March. Both were injured.

“So it wasn’t that these two students were attacking these two teachers,” Burke said. “It’s just that unfortunately these two teachers, in trying to break up the fight, ended up getting hurt and having to spend some time out of school.”

Billy Burke, the executive director of the Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees (CASE), which represents principals and administrators, said he knows an assistant principal whose hand was broken trying to break up a fight and other administrators who were injured.

“I know a principal who had a serious back injury from intervening,” Burke said.

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