Oh No! Will the Orioles Lose Dan Duquette Now?

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Dan Duquette
Duquette in 2011, photo by Eric Kilby

The Orioles exec to whom fans have been looking for reassurance through the loss of free agents Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis may be looking to trade himself to the Toronto Blue Jays, according to anonymous sources. MLB Network reporter Ken Rosenthal tweeted Sunday what sources told him: Orioles’ Executive Vice-President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette (who was instrumental in the team’s turnaround) is interested in leaving the organization to become the Blue Jays’ CEO.

To take the job — which would be a promotion — Duquette would have to get out of his contract with the Orioles, which lasts through 2018. Owner Peter Angelos responded to the rumor, telling the Baltimore Sun that the team is “very pleased with his performance, and we expect him to satisfy his contract. We not only want him to, but we expect him to.” He then added that Duquette has “given no indication he wants to go away.” But doesn’t that first part sound like a preemptive shaming?

Duquette disavowed the rumors in his own not-very-convincing way Sunday during a radio interview while in San Diego for Major League Baseball’s winter meetings: “Well, I’m with the Orioles, OK? And I’m here to represent the Orioles at the meeting. And I really don’t have anything to add other than that.”

Rosenthal seems to think that if Duquette really wanted to leave it would be hard for the O’s to stop him.

White Sox exec Kenny Williams has admitted to being interested in the position and has even suggested he may resign his current position in order to pursue the job. Go for it, Kenny!






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