Oh, So THAT’S Why Johns Hopkins Students Always Seem So Intense

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There’s intelligence, there’s good test scores, and then there’s something a little more hard to measure. Call it ambition, call it dedication, or call it drive — whatever it is, it turns out that Johns Hopkins students have it.

According to ViewsOnYou, a new London-based start-up, Johns Hopkins has the world’s 6th most-driven students. (See the rest of the list below.)

ViewsOnYou is something like a matchmaking site for employers and employees. It gathers data on members (or entire institutions, in the case of Johns Hopkins) by analyzing Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, along with self-reviews and peer reviews. The goal is to get “culture fit” — aka compatibility — between employer and employee.

So far, the ViewsOnYou team has come up with some fairly predictable insights (“Apple employees are more creative than Microsoft employees” — um, could’ve told you that myself), but their list of the world’s most driven schools is pretty interesting — not one Ivy League-r on the list!

1) University of California at Los Angeles

2) Vanderbilt University

3) London School of Economics

4) University College London

5) Stanford University

6) Johns Hopkins University

7) University of Cambridge

8) Northwestern University

9) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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