O’Malley Back to Doing What He Does Best in DNC Speech

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Still via PBS NewsHour
Still via PBS NewsHour

After a failed run at the Democratic nomination for president, former Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley has returned to his true calling as an excitable and slightly cringe-inducing party attack dog.

O’Malley’s most successful moments during the Democratic primary were those in which he threw jabs at Donald Trump. And so of course his six-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention included one more reference to Trump as a “carnival barker,” but he went further. He also called him a “bully racist.” And he appeared to channel JFK (or was it The Simpsons‘ Mayor Quimby?) when he said: “I say, to hell with Trump’s American nightmare; we believe in the American Dream!”

O’Malley went on to blast Trump’s view that climate change is a hoax invented by “the Chinese.” “I’ll tell you what,” O’Malley said, “if the Chinese were really capable of designing some kind of diabolical farce to hurt America, they wouldn’t invent global warming; they’d invent Donald Trump!”

Like so many of O’Malley’s speeches, it was a little too smiley, a little unnatural, but it was loaded with applause lines. And this time around, it was mercifully void of call-and-response.

Watch the whole thing here:


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  1. I never really liked this guy because he whined a lot. I did appreciate his progressive ideas. He certainly impressed me with his DNC speech. Where was this guy when we needed a good mayor, a better governor?

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