A year ago, Gov. Martin O’Malley launched a federal PAC called the O’ Say Can You See PAC. Get it? O’? Like O’Malley? Sure, the national anthem has Maryland roots, and you can shorten it to O’PAC, and it allows the Governor to employ some patriotic-dream-catcher version of his monogram. But it’s ultimately about as artless as puns come. “O” is the least distinct and meaningful part of an Irish surname, and it’s also the least distinct and meaningful part of the phrase “O! say can you see.”

(It’s almost as bad as the slogan for Middleswarth potato chips: “There’s an A in our name and A quality in our product that will put A smile on your face with every bite.”)

Okay, wait. Where was I? Right. A year ago, O’Malley launched a poorly named federal PAC, and he’s finally beginning to use it to pave the way for a presidential bid in 2016. He’s raised almost $500,000 so far, and has been spending it here and there on campaigns in states like New Hampshire and Iowa. States that all but disappear from national attention outside of presidential election years.

Let’s hope it wins him some fast friends; he’s polling way behind Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo. Even half of registered Marylanders say they wouldn’t support him.