O’Malley Ditches Tainted Campaign Contributions from Jeff Thompson

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Gov. Martin O’Malley just gave away $38,000 in campaign funds he received from Jeff Thompson, his associates, and businesses . The money is not dirty in itself and was donated legally to O’Malley’s campaign, but the funds are tainted by Thompson’s alleged involvement in a massive campaign finance scandal in D.C. involving more than $650,000 in undocumented funds funneled to Vincent C. Gray’s successful mayoral campaign. The money was donated to the Maryland Veteran’s Trust Fund

O’Malley’s ditching of the money comes on the heels of President Obama’s doing the same with his Thompson-donated funds. So, in a way, O’Malley’s response is not just the least he could do; it’s downright presidential. O’Malley 2016! (LOL, JK.)

But seriously, folks. Why not let’s donate all campaign contributions to charity and candidates can restrict their campaigning to blog posts and first-person youtube videos.

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