O’Malley Is Wishy-Washy on the War of 1812

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Via O'Malley's Twitter account
Martin O’Malley, via Twitter.

At the same as Republican presidential hopefuls have been stumbling over the question of whether the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was a mistake, Democrat Martin O’Malley was evasive in response to a similar question about the War of 1812.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, O’Malley, an 1812 buff, was asked point blank: in hindsight, should President James Madison have declared war on Great Britain? And just as the GOP candidates have mostly tried to distance themselves from a controversial war while refraining from trashing George W. Bush, O’Malley conceded that 1812 was less than a slam-dunk while falling short of second-guessing Madison.

And that, my friends, is called politics.

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