O’Malley Plays Role of Partisan Attack Dog on “Meet the Press”

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On Sunday morning, I took a walk with my son to the University Market in Charles Village. And whose face did I see beaming from the television monitor but that of our own Gov. Martin O’Malley, arguing with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, and former potential Romney running mate, on Meet the Press.

I found myself enthralled by O’Malley’s performance. This guy has got to be the greatest partisan in the United States. He deftly apologized-without-apologizing for Vice Pres. Biden’s tasteless statement made before a racially mixed audience in Danville, Va. that Romney’s policies toward Wall Street were going to “put y’all back in chains.” He skewered Romney for tax avoidance, but was careful not to accuse him of doing anything illegal — instead characterizing the candidate’s financial strategies as “betting against the future of the United States.” Not one word — and not one hair — was out of place. And he seems willing to be the Democrats’ attack dog wherever and whenever they need him.

I just hope they never actually run this guy for president. I can’t trust a politician who never breaks character and never goes off script.

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