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The Best Part About Today Is Looking Back at the Pundits Who Got It Wrong


If you’re an anti-gambling, anti-gay-marriage, anti-Dream Act, pro-Romney Marylander, today is not a great day for you. While others are celebrating, you are probably futzing with some household project you’ve been putting off, muttering under your breath about freedom and how things used to be in this country. But, for a moment, let’s all of us set down our political agony and ecstasy and come together for some disinterested pundit-shaming.

“We Voted!”: Maryland Sets Early Record + How to Motivate Your Apathetic Friends

photo credit: Politico

Who was early voter #219,802 Wednesday night? Come on, don’t be shy, sir or ma’am. Okay, you’re right, we may never know our hero’s name, but he or she marked an important, enthusiastic moment in state voting history, officially cranking early vote turnout ahead of the impressive state numbers from 2010’s (inaugural) early gubernatorial election phase, according to new data from the State Board of Elections. And the nation’s following admirable advance-voting suit.

2012 Halloween Costume How-to, Baltimore


Halloween is only 16 days away — why not dress up along with the kids this year? Doesn’t have to be a major production. And the lift that you’ll get from playing pretend for a sugar-buzzing night is worth the minor time investment to find a character who speaks to you and assemble the necessary props. Don’t leap for the omnipresent zombie or fairy princess duds; don’t dress as kooky Snooki with baby because everyone will do that. Here are some quirkier suggestions if you’re feeling stumped. May these ideas set you on your way toward finding your own funky Halloween fit.