2012 Halloween Costume How-to, Baltimore

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Halloween is only 16 days away — why not dress up along with the kids this year? Doesn’t have to be a major production. And the lift that you’ll get from playing pretend for a sugar-buzzing night is worth the minor time investment to find a character who speaks to you and assemble the necessary props. Don’t leap for the omnipresent zombie or fairy princess duds; don’t dress as kooky Snooki with baby because everyone will do that. Here are some quirkier suggestions if you’re feeling stumped. May these ideas set you on your way toward finding your own funky Halloween fit.

Long Island MediumTheresa Caputo (above) talks to dead people every Sunday on TLC — I love her Carol-Brady-meets-Joan-Jett bleach-blond mullet; I appreciate her use of concrete specifics when she translates between this world and the next, like the time she told a mom and sister that their lost family member had regained in the afterlife her once-abandoned ability to drive a car.

Necessary accessories “to be” Theresa: Wig to match T.C. or costume wearer’s own seriously teased blond hair, conservative all black attire, frosted pink lipstick, fat sculpted nails with French manicure.

Extra credit: Bad puns on the word medium, e.g., “I know I look like a large!” delivered with Long Island accent. Passionate belief in one’s own psychic power.

Effort: Low to medium.

Photo courtesy of http://pictoplasma.com/

Dan Deacon keeps us dancing to listenable, smartly deconstructed techno riffs — he makes Baltimore proud as can be — but his oversize, smarty-pants eyeglasses and (occasional) knitted hood-wear also make him an ideal candidate for Halloween-night copycatting.

Necessary accessories: Jumbo glasses frames (try Claire’s boutique or simply knock out the lenses of your grandfather’s leftover eye-wear), awkwardly colorful outerwear, ironic shoes and socks, and a big grin that hints quite authentically at personal joy and genius.

Extra credit: Crowd of adoring fans to follow behind you.

Effort: Low.

Maryland’s Olympic god Michael Phelps might seem like an easy choice, but I challenge the avid Halloween athlete to replicate/satirize his disturbing Speedo “LZR” swimwear pictured above.

Necessary accessories: Fake gold medals, see-through body suit, attitude.

Extra credit: Super fit form.

Effort: Medium.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney‘s an easy one. Ham it up your own way for best original payoff.

Necessary accessories: An index finger, an American flag backdrop, a bright red necktie, firm-hold hairspray.

Extra credit: Forgo facts.

Effort: Low.

The Angry Birds puzzle-game phone app continues to explode, feathers flying (pigs flying, too). Labeled “the largest mobile app success the world has seen thus far,” the game’s v-browed, round red mascot is sure to be mimicked by many. But he’s so adorably angry I can’t refrain from adding him to the list.

Necessary accessories: Eyebrow pencil, red face paint, beak mask and/or round-body bird suit.

Extra credit: Stilts.

Effort: Medium.

The Lorax, who “speaks for the trees, for the trees have no tongues,” was published by Dr. Seuss in 1971. This year the animated movie, featuring voices by Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, proved a top grosser. Not unlike DeVito, the Lorax, who represents the fading environment, is “shortish and oldish…and mossy…with a voice…sharpish and bossy.”

Necessary accessories: Puffy body suit plus fuzzy yellow mustache…or hey, just the fake ‘stache (see above).

Extra credit: Memorize lines from the book.

Effort: Low to medium.


BBDO’s brilliant new ad for Snickers Halloween candy features a typically terrifying literary icon who’s got facts backwards tonight because he’s hungry — instead of haunting the landscape as the Headless Horseman, this dude thinks he’s the Horseless Headsman, until he scores a mini Snickers, refuels on the spot, and fully freaks trick or treaters out.

Necessary accessories: A spooky giant head to be worn over your body.

Extra credit: Thespian voice.

Effort: Max.

Who/what/where will you be for Halloween? Tell us below!


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