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Have Your Diet and Eat Halloween Candy Too


If you’re a mom, you may feel silly being tempted by Halloween candy. You might tell yourself you shouldn’t indulge in the brightly wrapped goodies, you’ll wreck your diet — you’ll deprive an army of ghoul and goblin trick-or-treaters their due. But the scary nutritional truth is that if you deny yourself even a handful of your favorite sugary morsels, you might turn into a candy-consuming human monster after midnight and eat far more junk than any of us healthy non-zombies should.

Good news is that depending on your age and activity level, you can safely consume 120 empty calories (or more) a day without gaining any weight. Nothing-to-fear candy suggestions after the jump.

2012 Halloween Costume How-to, Baltimore


Halloween is only 16 days away — why not dress up along with the kids this year? Doesn’t have to be a major production. And the lift that you’ll get from playing pretend for a sugar-buzzing night is worth the minor time investment to find a character who speaks to you and assemble the necessary props. Don’t leap for the omnipresent zombie or fairy princess duds; don’t dress as kooky Snooki with baby because everyone will do that. Here are some quirkier suggestions if you’re feeling stumped. May these ideas set you on your way toward finding your own funky Halloween fit.