The Best Part About Today Is Looking Back at the Pundits Who Got It Wrong

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If you’re an anti-gambling, anti-gay-marriage, anti-Dream Act, pro-Romney Marylander, today is not a great day for you. While others are celebrating, you are probably futzing with some household project you’ve been putting off, muttering under your breath about freedom and how things used to be in this country. But, for a moment, let’s all of us set down our political agony and ecstasy and come together for some disinterested pundit-shaming.

After elections we never spend enough time calling out the so-called “experts” (even if they are the only ones so calling themselves) who grossly mis-predicted voting results. It’s our small revenge for having to listen to these people spout off like they have some kind of esoteric knowledge — bordering on ESP — regarding how people will vote. Remember when they would recast what was essentially a dead heat as some kind of mandate for one candidate or the other? Remember

My hope is that Americans from opposite sides of the political spectrum can unite over a shared disgust with the quack punditry, showcased in the above video from Politico.


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