O’Malley Resurrects Offshore Wind, Recruits Obama

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For the fourth legislative session in a row, Gov. Martin O’Malley will be introducing a bill to establish offshore wind farms off the coast of Ocean City. And this time, the governor is enlisting the help of the president. He’s written a letter to Obama asking that he ensure that the national tax incentives currently awarded to investors in wind energy are renewed despite the politically treacherous fiscal cliff negotiations.

Not only will O’Malley’s 100-turbine wind farm “confront climate change head-on,” but it also “has the potential to foster a $10 billion industry” in Maryland, or so he promises the president.

But the the Obama administration will have its hands full, navigating what has become a political standoff. And even if the federal incentives are renewed, offshore wind will be anything but a certainty. If he wins, he may have to credit the exasperation of legislators more than anything — as if they’ve finally agreed to go to the prom with him just so they don’t have to listen to him ask them anymore.

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