On Leadership: A Shameless Plug on Why Design Matters

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Courtesy Citybizlist – So my 100th column is around the corner, and in a hopefully momentary lapse of narcissism, we’re having a party. But as its focus we have a panel that will explore design. Why design? Whether we realize (or admit) it or not, design permeates our lives – it profoundly influences how we live, work, create, oh… yeah, and find purpose for our lives.

Most of what we encounter each day, most of what impedes us or makes us successful has at its core – principles of design. Design isn’t simply about hip, antiseptic space or cool, uncomfortable furniture… It’s about how one fosters – curates – human behavior to enable some higher purpose. Whether it’s creating education driven ecosystems, or guiding kids to an employable future – to a career not a merely job, or sparking nonprofits to make money to fund mission, we have brought together a panel of unusual suspects to talk about how design drives purpose.

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