Opposition to O’Malley’s Gerrymander Goes Bipartisan

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Maryland’s 3rd

It was the same Republican petition machine responsible for referring the Dream Act and Civil Marriage Protection Act (which uses the vocabulary of the opposition but would legalize same-sex marriage) that put Maryland’s redrawn congressional districts — a nationally recognized gerrymander — on the ballot. But Montgomery County Democrats recently added their voices to the dissent, calling the new districts — which disenfranchise Republican and minority voters — “atrocious.”

As quoted in Maryland Reporter, Montgomery County Council member Phil Andrews urged voters to vote no on Question 5, explaining that “if we don’t have fair and rational districts, we don’t have competition… If we don’t have competition, our democracy doesn’t work well.” It’s a concept almost too simple to explain, but one that apparently needs explaining in the face of flagrant and destructive abuse of power by Maryland’s partisan executives and lawmakers.

By the way, anyone else enjoying the irony of this offensively partisan redistricting map inspiring our politicians to reach across the aisle?

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