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Opposition to O’Malley’s Gerrymander Goes Bipartisan

Maryland’s 3rd

It was the same Republican petition machine responsible for referring the Dream Act and Civil Marriage Protection Act (which uses the vocabulary of the opposition but would legalize same-sex marriage) that put Maryland’s redrawn congressional districts — a nationally recognized gerrymander — on the ballot. But Montgomery County Democrats recently added their voices to the dissent, calling the new districts — which disenfranchise Republican and minority voters — “atrocious.”

Casino Companies on Both Sides of Maryland Gambling Issue Go All In


Maryland’s anti-gambling-expansion cause should count themselves lucky that there’s a casino company — Penn National Gaming — that would prefer not to have a new gambling operation go up in Prince George’s County. Otherwise, how could opponents of the new casino (and expansion from slots to table games in Maryland) hope to outspend MGM Resorts International, which has so far shelled out $14.4 million to pass Question 7?

Maryland’s Congressional Districts: The Greatest Gerrymander in the Nation

That’s not a winged serpent, that’s Maryland’s 3rd. via Maryland Reporter

Here’s a funny but not very surprising story from Maryland Reporter. In a soon-to-be-released study, Maryland is named the state with the “least compact congressional districts in the nation.”

Marylanders Increasingly Support Same-Sex Marriage


Support for marriage equality has increased among Maryland voters, according to a recent poll conducted by Gonzales Research & Marketing. Fifty-one percent now say they would vote “yes” on Question 6, affirming the Civil Marriage Protection Act passed by Maryland lawmakers earlier this year.