Oriole Adam Jones’s Lutherville Home Is Shocking

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Adam Jones

It’s no grand tour, but the following video (part of Coldwell Bank’s “Home Field Advantage” series)  features some shots inside Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Adam Jones’s Lutherville home, and what you can see is pretty surprising.

Sure, there’s a glassed-in swimming pool, but other than that, the place looks like any home a twenty-something guy with a good job who enjoys sinking into his couch to play video games would have. It doesn’t look like the estate of the highest paid player in Orioles history.

For his part, Jones sums up his domestic philosophy as follows: “I want my peace and quiet. My house is simple.” Kudos!

Baltimore Business Journal points out, however, that the house boasts 6,600 square feet of living space and that Jones paid $1.75 million for it last year. So there must be a lot — like a lot a lot — that this video leaves out!

But still, that living room? That may as well be my living room!

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