Orioles Fans Named “Most Miserable” in Baseball

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Fox Sports blogger Chris Chase recently ranked the “most miserable fanbases in sports.” By “miserable” he means mistreated, disappointed, or otherwise suffering for their allegiances. In his estimation, Baltimore Orioles fans are the most miserable in major league baseball, beating out the fanbases of the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves.

Until Peter Angelos seemingly torpedoed his franchise simply to keep the Nationals out of Washington,” Chase writes, “the O’s were one of baseball’s crown jewels. Now, the team hasn’t won a title in 32 years and recent resurgences don’t change the fact that since winning the World Series in ’83, the O’s are strangers to the playoffs and when they get there, they’re 3-12 in ALCS games.”

He goes on: “Other great fanbases get rewarded with titles. The O’s, recently, have not. Cal’s streak was cool, though, and Camden Yards is still the best of the ‘retro’ ballparks. Still, Baltimore deserves better.”

Consolation: Cubs only yielded the “top” spot on the list “because one gets the distinct feeling that their fans enjoy reveling in the team’s misery.”

Woe is us.


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