Orioles Lose Nelson Cruz; Markakis Probably Gone, Too

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Nick Markakis
Photo by Keith Allison, via Flickr

Well we really should have gone to the World Series while we had the chance. Seattle is already psyching up for a playoff berth after the Mariners signed our one-season slugging savior Nelson Cruz to a four-year, $57-million contract. Outfielder Nick Markakis, who has been with the Baltimore Orioles since 2006, will probably split, too. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun writes:

“For the first time this offseason, it appears more likely that free-agent outfielder Nick Markakis will sign elsewhere than rejoin an Orioles team he has been with since he debuted in 2006. According to multiple sources, there now looks to be less than a 50-50 chance that the 31-year-old will return to the Orioles, something that seemed to be a virtual certainty a month ago. There has been some talk within the Orioles organization that the club is no longer comfortable with a four-year deal for Markakis.”

I understand that athletes age and that a team can really get itself into a tight spot when it gets into long contracts with older players, but it’s sad to see Cruz go even after one season with the O’s. And losing Nick Markakis, who toughed it out with us for years before we got back into the business of winning, feels ridiculous.

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  1. If Markakis goes, I go to where ever he goes! Peter Angelos, if you’re reading this and you let Markakis go to another franchise, you’re making a huge mistake, not ONLY for the Orioles, but for the community of Baltimore. Nick Markakis is the #HeartNSoul of the Orioles and should be allowed to finish his career in Baltimore, especially after spending all of those losing seasons here. He never complained nor asked to be traded during that time. I understand that it’s a business, but after suffering all of those losing season, Markakis has helped the O’s get back to the business of winning, and there is NO better RFer in the American League!

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