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Touching home plate is an oft-unspoken element of every home run in baseball. But over the weekend, one Orioles prospect learned that even a celebratory trot must include a tap of each base.

Recent O’s signing Elier Leyva blasted a home run in the ninth inning to lead the Single-A, Salisbury-based Delmarva Shorebirds to victory. Or so he thought. As Leyva was high-fiving his teammate, he glided over home base.

Delmarva’s Elier Leyva won the game w a 9th inn HR, but didn’t touch home. Jackets won in extras. Highlights tonight.

— Andrew Schnitker (@A_Schnitker) July 27, 2015

Showing the attention to detail that comes with a leadership role, the opposing team’s manager noticed this and challenged the legitimacy of the home run. Leyva was subsequently called out, and the game went to extra innings. Because sports seems to always punish dumb mistakes you wish you could have back, Delmarva went on to lose the game.

Next time he’s rounding third on a home run, Leyva will likely be sure to look before he crosses.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.