The “Orioles Nun”: Baseball’s Holiest Fan?

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Photo via WMAC
Photo via WMAR

If there ever were a contest for #1 Orioles fan, it would be a tough one: There’s Elaine from Seinfeld, Joan Jett, Wild Bill... but trumping them all in terms of devotion is Sister Paulette Doyas, aka the Orioles Nun.

Throughout the years, Sister Doyas’s faith in the Os has been unwavering. Her office at Notre Dame, where she serves on the admissions team, is full of Orioles swag, including baseballs signed by Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Al Bumbry.

When the Orioles made it to the playoffs, she convinced the administration at Notre Dame to light the campus tower orange; she also told the Baltimore Brew she spotted a bright orange mushroom, which she saw as good luck. That didn’t work out so well back then, but Sister Doyas has a good feeling about 2014.

She told WMAR that the team’s first post-season game was “a feast of angels,” intimating that the birds may owe some of their win to the big guy upstairs: “When that short stop lost the ball did you notice it looked like it was flicked out of his hand? After that, any ball they hit happened to go wherever there was no fielder.” Let’s just hope the Os stay in everyone’s good graces this Friday, when they take on the Kansas City Royals for the AL pennant.


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