Orioles Pitcher Starts Louisiana Flood Relief Fund

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Baltimore Orioles Lower BoxesAn Orioles player is looking to help people affected by floods in the state where he became an elite pitcher.

Pitcher Kevin Gausman started a GoFundMe to raise money for people in the Baton Rouge area. Gausman went to LSU, and still lives in the area in the offseason.

Having recently seen what an unexpected flood did in Ellicott City and along the Jones Falls, folks in the Baltimore area have something of an idea of the disaster that rising water can bring. Gausman’s description shows that the scope is much wider in South Louisiana:

Not many people know that for three days relentless storms fell on southern Louisiana and caused many rivers to overflow. Countless numbers of homes flooded and the water came in so fast, people were being rescued by boats for days. The water has since subsided but many people, including friends and family to me, have lost everything.

The donations will go to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s flood relief fund.


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