Where Have All the O’s Fans Gone?

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They’re hard to spot at Camden Yards.

ESPN’s Eddie Matz called it “borderline shocking” that so few O’s fans showed up for the Birds’ recent series against the Toronto Blue Jays, despite the importance of the divisional match-up which put the Orioles four games out of first place in the American League East and dropped them into a tie with Detroit for the AL wild card position.

Unfortunately, the lack of attendance at the Blue Jays fits a what Matz calls a “disturbing” pattern, one which almost defies logic. Despite having “won more games than any American League team since the beginning of the 2012 and [being[ within reach of making the postseason for the third time in five years,” the Orioles are attracting fewer fans every year.

There isn’t an obvious answer to the riddle (though ticket prices and Baltimore’s public image may both play a role). All I know is, the Birds need to go back to winning, and we need to go back cheering them on.

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  1. Crowds always diminish during the week when school has started. Now that we are starting school before labor day, this is another toll that this takes on industries that are used to having families through labor day. I wonder what this has done to the crowd at the state fair?

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