Othello at The Walters

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Sandy’s pretty much ruined everyone’s plans for the week – let’s just put it out there.  She came through, uninvited, took too many people’s power without asking, and just made a mess of everything.  While we all have our fingers crossed that streets will be cleared, power will be back on and life will return to normalcy as we know it by tomorrow or Thursday, it’s quite unlikely.  The Derecho left Baltimore out of commission for more than a few days this summer, and he wasn’t quite as expansive.

Before you go completely stir-crazy by the end of this week, get yourself out of the house on Thursday.  The Walters is screening Othello with Laurence Olivier at 7:00pm, with a discussion to follow exploring one of the Bard’s most complex characters.  So put away the Scrabble board, extinguish those candles (the mayor asked us all not to use candles, anyways), and jump headfirst into culture and outings once again.

The Walters
600 N. Charles St
Baltimore, MD

You’ve been in your house presumably since Sunday.  And who doesn’t like Shakespeare?


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