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Somerset County Man Wants to Cancel Obama’s Vacation


More than a year ago, the White House created an online petition system at whitehouse.gov, through which citizens can create petitions for the president. If they garner at least 25,000 signatures in a month’s time (and they address a topic that falls within the president’s purview), the White House will issue an official response.

Sens. Mikulski and Cardin Demand Individual Federal Aid from FEMA for Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Sens. Ben Cardin and Barb Mikulski

Maryland Sens. Barb Mikulski and Ben Cardin pressed for President Obama and FEMA to reverse their decision to deny federal aid to Marylanders left without habitable homes in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Mikulski called those affected “the 2 percent that go to war and fight for America;” Cardin pointed out that a whopping 32 percent of residents of the hard-hit Crisfield live below the poverty line and simply cannot get back on their feet without help.

Obama, FEMA Say Maryland Not Hit Hard Enough By Sandy to Receive Federal Aid

Crisfield was one Maryland city that took a beating from Sandy.

You may have considered superstorm Sandy effectively a no-show after the weather system fell short of its destructive hype, but it still did $27 million worth of damage in Maryland — including “significantly damag[ing]” something like 48 homes.

The “I” of the Storm


Writer Janet Fricke Gilbert made several new social connections during the worst moments of Sandy — live, human ones…

There’s a persistent loneliness in this age of connection.

We install our prefabricated selves on Facebook and acquire electronic friends. We text remote people when we are in the presence of actual people, so that we can simultaneously and ineffectively communicate with both groups. And we obsessively record the events of our lives as if they will somehow be more meaningful in the future than they are in the present moment.

Othello at The Walters


Sandy’s pretty much ruined everyone’s plans for the week – let’s just put it out there.  She came through, uninvited, took too many people’s power without asking, and just made a mess of everything.  While we all have our fingers crossed that streets will be cleared, power will be back on and life will return to normalcy as we know it by tomorrow or Thursday, it’s quite unlikely.  The Derecho left Baltimore out of commission for more than a few days this summer, and he wasn’t quite as expansive.

Before you go completely stir-crazy by the end of this week, get yourself out of the house on Thursday.  The Walters is screening Othello with Laurence Olivier at 7:00pm, with a discussion to follow exploring one of the Bard’s most complex characters.  So put away the Scrabble board, extinguish those candles (the mayor asked us all not to use candles, anyways), and jump headfirst into culture and outings once again.

The Walters
600 N. Charles St
Baltimore, MD

You’ve been in your house presumably since Sunday.  And who doesn’t like Shakespeare?


Casket Floats out of its Grave in Eastern Shore Cemetery


Um, eeek:  Yahoo News is reporting that Hurricane Sandy-related flooding caused a casket to float out of its grave in a Crisfield (Eastern Shore) cemetery. Happy Halloween, everybody.

O’Malley Uses Hurricane as Opportunity to Appear Presidential


Look, everyone knows what O’Malley is up to when he acts all tough and no-nonsense as disaster approaches. You can almost see him thinking it:  Wouldn’t I be great at giving a national address right now? If you squint a little bit, do I look presidential?