Guys, no one is talking about anything but this storm. And I’m not just talking about Facebook and Twitter. I mean major news outlets. It’s even crowding out entertainment news. And as much as this is a significant and potentially historic weather event, the coverage is devolving. Add this post to the list of desperate pieces looking to wring one more “story” from Frankenstorm.

Sure, there’s some kind of controversy over elections in the Ukraine; the Steelers have these new really ugly throwback uniforms; the United States Department of Energy unveiled a new supercomputer; but none these stories involve torrential rains and high winds so who cares? I mean does learning about these stories involve looking at a map of the US with a big, colorful swirl moving over it? Didn’t think so. Not interested.

By the way, in case you missed it, here’s a video detailing how intense this storm is and/or will be: