Our seventh annual Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Independent Schools is out! Over the next few weeks, we’ll share on Baltimore Fishbowl stories you’ll find in the guide about the students, teachers, administrators, and programs that make up the independent school community. Check out the digital version above, and read our Notes from the Editor, below, to learn more about this year’s guide.



Welcome to the seventh edition of the Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools. The Guide’s annual publication is starting to feel like a tradition of sorts, which is fitting given the rich and lengthy history of the independent school community in and around Baltimore. 

These educational institutions have been tested recently, most notably by the global pandemic. But deep roots—supported by visionary administrators, inspiring teachers, and committed families—allow Baltimore independent schools to continue to thrive. 

Although several of these educational institutions have surpassed the century mark, within the Guide’s pages we’ve captured their ability to quickly pivot during the pandemic to embrace progressive technologies for seamless learning. Some of these technologies have since been embedded into the schools’ curriculum and classrooms, ultimately enriching the student experience. 

But even the most advanced and clever educational technology must be paired with exemplary human capital to meet the greatest success. To that end, we are pleased to showcase a sampling of impressive student and faculty leaders associated with area independent schools. You’ll find them in the School Spirit and Influencers sections. Also, be sure to peruse Program Spotlight, which highlights some truly unique and innovative hallmarks of the proud schools that offer them. 

The sheer breadth and depth of Baltimore independent schools can easily intimidate and overwhelm. We take seriously our job to unpack as much information as possible about them within these pages—in easily digestible chunks meant to educate, inform and, most importantly, inspire. 

Whether you’re a parent-to-be or a seasoned mom or dad, new to town, or from a long line of Baltimoreans, we hope you take away some information from the Guide you can use.


Elizabeth Heubeck