Our Favorite (Silly) Pictures of Ray Lewis

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Ray Lewis spent the last 17 years tackling, intercepting, dancing, and giving motivational speeches on behalf of the Baltimore Ravens. On the eve of his retirement (and in commemoration of his final home-game dance, above), we present to you our favorite silly Ray Ray images:

old spice ray

Inspired by the magic of Old Spice, Ray rides on top of a magical animatronic Raven. Or something like that.


If Ray Lewis were a pumpkin, it would look something like this. (Photo via Mix 106.5 FM; Ray-o-lantern by Kerri McLaughlin.)

ray slanket

Ray Lewis in a Slanket. (Or is that a Snuggie?) There are no words.


Ray Lewis is also a fire-breathing dragon.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS-ITMq0A6E]

Ray Lewis and Paul Rudd, just hanging out on the couch like a couple of cool dudes.

hawaiian shirt ray

The Vacation Ray model comes with his own Hawaiian shirt and relaxed smile!

ray suggs hug

Okay, this one isn’t funny — it actually makes me start to tear up a bit. Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs embrace after yesterday’s game. (Photo via Suggs’s Facebook page)

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