Pabu and Lamill to Close at the End of the Week

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Pabu at Four Seasons Baltimore. Photo via

If you’re a fan of celebrity chef Michael Mina’s Four Seasons eateries Pabu and Lamill, you better get down to the Inner Harbor pay your respects. They’re both closing on June 14. Pabu, a Japanese “izakaya” casual-dining concept, will be replaced by something completely different, while the Lamill space will still be a coffee shop when it reopens.

Sincere Twitter laments from fans of both spots make one wonder why the apparently beloved eateries are getting the ax. The only thing the Harbor East Development Group would say about the decision was that “the culinary scene is a dynamic one and we need to evolve with it in order to best serve our guests.”

Both spaces are being taken over by Alex Smith and George Aligeorgas, whose Atlas Restaurant Group owns Ouzo Bay. But there’s no word on what their specific plans are. Oh, and Mina’s Wit & Wisdom isn’t going anywhere.


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