Gerry’s Partisan Pizza in Maryland Oct. 29. Photo by RepresentUs via Twitter.

Gerry’s Partisan Pizza, a traveling food truck that aims to raise awareness about redistricting, visited Annapolis on Friday. 

The anti-gerrymandering group handed out free slices in the shape of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District outside of the Maryland State House. 

Governor Larry Hogan visited the pizza truck, where he voiced support to end partisan gerrymandering. 

Giving out free pizza might be cheesy, but redistricting is a critically important issue any way you slice it. Thank you to @FairMapsMD and @representus for bringing Gerry’s Partisan Pizza to Annapolis to spread awareness about how gerrymandering undermines democracy.

— Governor Larry Hogan (@GovLarryHogan) October 29, 2021

The pizza truck is run by RepresentUs, an anti-corruption nonprofit group. 

Earlier this year, the nonprofit released a report that mapped out the risk of gerrymandering throughout the country. 

The Gerrymandering Threat Index categorized Maryland as being under “extreme risk,” the highest risk category. 

States in the report’s “extreme” risk category “give politicians complete control over an often-secretive, poorly-protected redistricting process.” 

Gerry’s Partisan Pizza recently held a three-day pop up event in Austin, Tx. to kick off a nationwide tour. 

Pizza was provided exclusively for residents of Texas’ new 37th congressional district to illustrate how lawmakers “packed” Democratic voters to dilute their voting power.

This month, the food truck will make stops in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.