Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is a Big Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Fan

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via New England Patriots
via New England Patriots

New England Patriots Bill Belichick isn’t known for being forthcoming with the press about football. But he was happy to talk about lacrosse.

On a conference call with Baltimore reporters ahead of the Patriots’ duel with the Ravens on Monday, Belichick talked about this area’s love of that other sport with pads and hitting.

“Crabs and lacrosse, that’s part of what that area is, a big part of the culture there and it transcends the new people that move into the new area. They pick up on it pretty quickly and enjoy it and embrace it and see the way the game is spreading throughout this country and internationally really,” he said.

Belichick, who is originally from Maryland, has gotten to know the sport through family. His daughter coaches lacrosse at Holy Cross. He also loves Johns Hopkins. Belichick said he would attend as many games as possible this year. One time, he even saw Ravens Coach John Harbaugh at Homewood Field.

“I think he’s seen the light,” Belichick said.


So if you were comfortable in your knowledge that Belichick is the enemy, it may throw you for a loop that he is on your side in the spring.

It gets worse. All this lacrosse talk may have been designed to play to Ravens fans while distracting from the bigger revelation of the news conference. Belichick also said he grew up a Colts fan.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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