Pay It Forward – How Very Well Acupuncture is Coping during Coronavirus

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Small businesses and non-profits are especially hard hit during the coronavirus outbreak. We get it! Baltimore Fishbowl is a small business, too. To help small businesses and non-profits, we will provide regular updates to let you know how they are coping. 

The following is an update from Dr. David Buscher, D.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.,
Doctor of Acupuncture at Very Well Acupuncture, on how they are adapting and coping during these times.

How have you altered your business to adapt to the quarantine?
In the face of the unknown risks, we decided to close the clinic completely on March 18th. During that time, we changed our clinic management software to a service that allows us to conduct telemedicine appointments. “Telemedicine acupuncture” may sound strange, but it’s actually really lovely and empowering. On a secure video call, we talk about the client’s pain or concerns and then guide them through a series of acupressure, self-massage, and breathing exercises.

Now, having received best practices for disinfection from our national organizations, we have reopened the clinic for limited office visits, as well.

Are you doing something for the community or your employees that you want to share with our readers?
We are offering “pay it forward” gift cards that will allow us to donate free services to service workers and small business owners whose lives and livelihoods were disrupted by the pandemic.

What is the status of your employees?
Still employed!

How can readers help you get through the crisis?
I think we can help each other. The stress of these past couple of months has been so intense, and I know we all have our own anxieties about what the world will be like. Acupuncture is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, or whatever other emotional concerns are going on. It can also relieve pain and body system issues, and perhaps most relevantly for these days, improve the immune system. If your readers make appointments, it will help us keep the clinic open and they’ll feel much better after the appointments!

How are you coping, personally?
I’ve spent the past several weeks working behind the scenes to modify our offerings for this new reality, taking classes to improve my skills, and engaging in self-care. I’m trying to channel my concern about everyone who’s getting sick into practical things I can do. I lie awake at night worrying about the bungling of the current administration, but before I lose too much hope I see the beautiful ways the community has come together to help each other.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Because this pandemic started in China, we’ve had a unique opportunity to observe how Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs, and qigong)–as a ubiquitous part of their health-care system–supported the hospitals and epidemiologists in an emergency care situation. My father was hospitalized in Maryland at the beginning of the pandemic (for unrelated reasons), and I was able to enter on the last day they were allowing visitors in. The nurses I spoke to said they refer everyone to acupuncture because it helps keep them healthy so they don’t need a hospital! We’re not treating infectious diseases in our office, but we can help with just about everything else. Please visit our website at and learn more.


Learn more about Very Well Acupuncture by visiting their website or checking out their Facebook Page. Continue to shop local and support small businesses.

If you represent a local small business or non-profit and would like to share your update with our readers, contact Nicole Allen at [email protected]. During the crisis, we will offer these sponsored posts for free as a service to the community until May 15.

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