Welcome to City-Zen – a Q & A series with Baltimoreans sharing their thoughts on issues that are top-of-mind to many of us.  Whether we’re just starting out, raising a family, struggling to get by, or at the top of our game, we all have something in common.  Once realized, it’s easier to communicate and understand the perspective of those we might not take the time to connect with.  
Meet Sina C – A life-long Baltimore resident currently living in Northwood, Lasina has traveled and learned to adapt to many cultures.  She is a licensed Respiratory Therapist and attended BCCC and Coppin State University.
How would you describe your neighborhood vibe?
Living within walking distance to the Morgan campus is interesting.  Some residents could walk to the Northwood shopping center for groceries if they needed, but the shopping center is transitioning and we’ll see what that future brings.  In addition to the commercial area, Morgan in revamping residential properties as well. My neighborhood and neighbors are supportive and friendly. We watch out for each other.
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
They are surprised that I’m old enough to have a teenage daughter, saying I look too young to have a 16 yr old.  Also that I like to walk the trails to hunt and store herbs that are found in local parks or trails. There’s a lot of edibles to forage around Baltimore that most people aren’t aware of.
Where is your favorite place to shop for food?
I love to shop at 7 Mile Market, and all markets that have kosher produce. I also love David Chu’s China Bistro in Pikesville when I do’t have time to cook.
Where do you go to escape the madness?
I like to walk the trails in the parks or go to the movies (I’m a big movie buff). I also enjoy spending time with my creator, praying and reading the word. It’s a real stress reliever.

Where do you go to connect with your peeps/socialize?

I go to Temple on Sabbath and up to Bethel, PA for holy days to connect with the people of Yahweh on a more spiritual level.
What concerns you the most at this time in Baltimore? 
One concern is, I feel people of color have to tiptoe around cops, because any move can be perceived as a threat. My second concern is whether the crime rate will go down.  Also whether we have politicians who truly want to help the city and not pretend to help just to get into office. I feel all we can do is pray because humans are humans, and many are self serving.

What is your most significant personal success?

My daughter is one of my personal successes. I’ve raised her to be a confident woman armed with an education.  She is an intelligent, talented artist with a goal to go to college and visit Japan.  She is sweet, kind, and she helps me a lot. She does her best to serve Yahweh.  At the same time, my biggest challenge is making sure my daughter is provided for and has what she needs to be successful in life.
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