Hot House: The Warrington, 3908 N. Charles Street, #1301, Baltimore, MD 21218


Penthouse apartment at The Warrington Condominiums, circa 1928, with a wrap-around terrace and panoramic views (see below). Two bedroom, 2.5 baths over 2,501 sq. ft. with 1,500 sq ft terrace. Living/dining room with fireplace, library, solarium, large kitchen, greenhouse and extensive storage. Central a/c, full-service building with workout room, sauna, meeting room: $1,475,000


What: There is no other building in Baltimore quite like The Warrington, whose grand apartments have the spacious proportions and rich appointments of one of New York’s discretely elegant pre-war buildings. (Washington Place in Mt. Vernon is its equal in many ways, but it’s a co-op rather than a condo and, face it, there’s no parking.) The Warrington’s marble lobby — with its oriental rug, gilded sconces and famous red alligator elevator door —  pretty much tells the story. People downsizing from a big house in Guilford or the Greenspring Valley feel right at home here, with its thick plaster walls, 24-hour concierge desk, porters, and valet parking providing a level of privacy and comfort they are willing to pay for. Which they will. The Warrington is not for the faint of heart, and if the occasional rise in HOA fees is going to be a cause for concern, you are better off elsewhere. There are 46 units in The Warrington. Only three are penthouses and only four or five have terraces, which makes it likely that #1301 will not be on the market for long (many apartments here never even hit the market). The unit definitely needs updating, having last been decorated when it was purchased in 1980 as the building was being converted to condominiums. Luckily, the Warrington is the home of three Baltimore decorating legends — Rita St. Clair, Mona Hajj and Alexander Baer — so you’re golden.

warrington:entrance hall

Where: Located on Charles Street, just north of University Parkway, The Warrington is well positioned for access to both downtown and the neighborhoods of Northwest Baltimore — Guilford, Roland Park, and Homeland. Not everyone is interested in the ritzy waterfront buildings of the harbor, and The Warrington is for those who prefer the quiet pace uptown. An easy walk to Johns Hopkins University, it is also close enough for a quick trip to Eddie’s for a shrimp salad sandwich. This unit, with its huge terrace, offers great, near-360 degree views of the city. And yes, you can see the fireworks from here.

Why: Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve parties.

 Why Not: No pool

NB: “The Warrington”  will look great on your stationery.


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  1. Great space – wish I could afford it. But, dang, literally every room will need to be updated. Also surprised at the abundance of wall to wall carpeting and the lack of moldings and other interior architectural detail.

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