People Were Responsible for Eastern Shore’s Mysterious Bald Eagle Deaths

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bald_eagle_shot-department_of_wildlife_parks_and_tourismThe discovery of 13 dead bald eagles on the Eastern Shore was particularly curious due to initial findings that there was no foul play involved. But tests have concluded that the birds of prey didn’t all die from natural causes.

A necropsy concluded that humans are likely behind the demise of these symbols of freedom, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman said on Thursday. The test ruled out disease, such as bird flu, officials said. Despite the lack of foul play, they still could have been poisoned.

Despite this initial ruling, the mystery continues. The human cause has yet to be announced. Additionally, officials are still looking for the people who is responsible. The federal agency is offering up to $25,000 in reward money.

Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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