Pets of the Week: Governor and a Feline Duo

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Governor6Hi!! It’s me, Governor!! I’m looking for an awesome home…maybe with you?

! I’m a super active, athletic kinda guy. I love to go for long hikes and could play fetch for hours. I’m also quite the agility star; I can jump on and over nearly any obstacle. Did I mention how smart I am? I know how to sit, lay down, and give both paws. I’m clicker trained too and, I must admit, I rock at it!! You can count me in with any training where food is involved. I’m always eager to learn new things. Brains AND looks?!? Just look at me!! I’m a pretty handsome fella 😉 I’m friendly and social with everyone I meet but, I’ll be honest, I’m not really comfortable around young kids. Guess I just prefer a more mature crowd. Come out for a visit and you’ll see that you can’t go wrong with a staff favorite like me. *Governor’s adoption fee is sponsored by a generous donor, so the fee is waived.

Precious and BowserWe’re Precious and Bowser, a twosome! We met in the kitty community room, and, well, we’ve been BFFs ever since. We really get along well. Sometimes, you can hear us jumping from level to level in our kitty home. Come watch us jump around and play with each other. Maybe you’ll even see us cuddling together. If you bring a laser toy, we will chase it together or take turns catching that little red dot. We’d both like a home that’s pretty quiet because loud noises make us a bit nervous. Neither of us is really cuddly, but we do like a little petting now and again. Do you have room in your home and heart for us?

Adoption info at Baltimore Humane Society.

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