Rusty the cat, via Baltimore Humane Society

Rusty and Styles are both up for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society. Hear from them below:

I’m Rusty and yes, I must admit that I’m a very confident feline who is very comfortable in my skin. I enjoy exploring and being adventurous while searching for interesting things I can find to do. I welcome attention like being rubbed or pet, and I like when people play with strings or wand toys with me. I am the type of cat who needs to keep busy or at least have some type of enrichment like tall cat trees or scratching posts. I am not a fan of dogs so my home needs to be canine-free. I’ll make a loyal companion who will bring lots of entertainment into your life. Hope to see you soon!

Styles the dog, via Baltimore Humane Society

If I could pick one word to describe me, it would be… amazing, incredible, sweet, loving, goofy, fun, charming, handsome… Okay, I know that was more than one word, but I really am that great! Everyone here at Baltimore Humane Society loves and adores me. I’m a staff and volunteer favorite and everyone who meets me falls in love. I don’t know if it’s my adorable, wrinkly senior face or my silly personality, but I just know I’m well-loved. I like to go for walks in the warm sunshine and sit around with my people. I’m a spunky old man who just wants a family to live out my golden years with. I know if you come here and meet me in person, you won’t be able to resist.

Click here for more info on Rusty and Styles from the Baltimore Humane Society.

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