Sailor the dog, via the Baltimore Humane Society

Meet Sailor and Chloe, both of whom are up for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society.

Ahoy there, mateys! My name is Sailor and I am on the lookout for a family of my very own! I am a ball of energy, but can also be a couch potato. The staff at Baltimore Humane Society love everything about me. I have the cutest face you will ever see and the personality to match! I love people and toys! My favorites are the rubber squeaky ones; I like to carry them around in my mouth. You may also catch me picking up huge sticks and carrying them around while we’re walking. I am what they refer to as a wiggle butt, and sometimes get a case of the “zoomies.” I already know the commands “sit,” “paw” and “down.” In my previous home I lived with kids who completely adored me. Stop by BHS soon to meet me and we can chat about setting sail into our new life together!

Chloe the cat, via the Baltimore Humane Society

I’m Chloe — and I love birds. Bird watching is one of my favorite things. I especially like when the bird feeder is full, so there are more birds around to watch. I’m a bit independent, but I don’t forget the human in the room, either. I like to keep in contact with my human and then do a little exploration — you know, making sure everything is in its place. And I like a few pets from my human, too. Oh, I’m also a talkative girl. I’ve got to share my loves and find out what’s going on with my human. So, I actually come up and chirp when a human enters the room. I really hold up my end of the conversation. It’s why I like when my human reads to me. Reading has good conversation and I meow back. Did I tell you I’m an excellent wand toy catcher? I like to capture whatever is on the end of the wand — just like the hunter I am. If you like the idea of a cat who can do all that, come see me and we can make the best match ever. By the way, I am a diabetic kitty and currently my condition is being controlled with special food and insulin. Please ask a staff member if you have any questions.

Click here for more info on Sailor and Chloe from the Baltimore Humane Society.

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