Pets of the Week: Calleigh and Chloe

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CalleighHey there, I’m Calleigh. I enjoy running and going for long walks. I have to admit, I could lose a few pounds, so an exercise buddy would be great.

I have lots of energy and I love meeting new people. I get very excited so it would be great to get some training on the most polite way to meet new people. I learn my commands well and will sit on command and even sit for treats. Because I crave attention, I would love to be the only canine in the home so that my new family can give me all the love. I haven’t really played with toys here, but I do enjoy enrichment toys that keep me busy. In my previous home I lived with a toddler and we were always trying to see who had the most energy…. I think I won most of the time. Stop in soon and see what you think of me.

ChloeHello, I’m Chloe and I’m in need of a forever home. Even though I’m shy when meeting new people, once I’m comfortable I enjoy being pet on my head and neck. I also enjoy it when people give me tasty cat treats. Although I’m not a fan of being held or carried around, I’m sure I would make a good companion and forever friend for someone who enjoys a more independent-type female. See you soon.

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