With the O’s in a universally acknowledged seasonal slump, what hot competition will any dedicated, die-hard Baltimorean love more than even a Maryland-crab-eating contest? The Ultimate Crab Challenge, that’s what. (Not that I’m doing PR for this crab recipe contest, I just think it’ll appeal to the Baltimore-loving boy or girl, plus you can win cash.) Phillips Seafood is giving away $1,000 for the best crab recipe they come across. Submit your recipe (which requires one pound of crabmeat) online. The national grand prize winner receives the dough and gets his or her recipe featured on the menu at Phillips Seafood. Yes, we did say national contest. Don’t let some random guy in Toledo rock the prize, dig up Paw Paw’s once famous family recipe and start dreaming about how far you can stretch a thousand bucks, or just how much yummy seafood it’ll buy.

By the way, fans of Phillips take note: The restaurant will soon occupy the abandoned ESPN Zone’s zone in the Power Plant Live; move-in scheduled for this fall.