Photos: Hopkins engineering students test their skills in glider design contest

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Photo by J.M. Giordano

On Wednesday, Johns Hopkins University engineering students gathered in Levering Hall to put their design and construction skills to the test.

Led by mechanical engineering professor Steven Marra, the annual contest challenges students to make a glider that is propelled by a falling weight. The goal is to shoot the glider from one end of the room to the other, while also flying over a suspended string.

“Learning how to approach non-textbook, open-ended problems with no clear, single solution is essential to being an engineer,” Marra said. “So is working effectively on a team and learning how to use dangerous equipment safely. This project introduces the students to all of these important lessons and prepares them for their coming years of engineering education.”

Students began work on their gliders in September and had to present a prototype, at a cost of $20 or less, on Nov. 1. The winner this year was team Boeing! Glider Than Air, made up of first-year mechanical engineering students Chase Lahr, Tessa Ericson and Sean Pak.

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