Pigtown Design: Heading to High Point

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The twice-yearly High Point Furniture Market is underway, and I am heading down there, so I can report to you on all of the latest trends, styles and colours that you’ll be seeing over the next six to twelve months. This is the third time I’ve been, and once again, I am sponsored by Hooker Furniture.

image_thumbHooker’s been very smart in setting up a Pinterest page, and using the ideas and suggestions from their followers to incorporate into their furniture. Last fall, they debuted the first Pinterest-driven collection. The chair above reflects two very current trends – animal prints and the emerald green, which was chosen as Pantone’s colour of the year.

Each time I’ve been to High Point, I’ve taken a different tack. This time, I am scheduled for a lot of events and tours. I did that so I would be sure to see some of the collections that interest me. Here are some of the highlights on Sunday:

A walk and talk tour with Leigh and Leslie Keno who are debuting a line of furniture in a 6,000 square foot space, made up to look like a huge Manhattan apartment. The Kenos are well-known antique dealers, and have been on Antiques Roadshow for years.image

A lunch at Lillian August. They represent a lot of lines and when I saw them in New York last month, I loved their boothand I knew I wanted to see more of what they do. Lillian August is both a design brand, as well as a retail store.

Madcap Cottage is a company I didn’t really know much about, but when I received their invitation, my interest was piqued, so I accepted. Madcap Cottage is the design duo John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon.imageHow can I not like such a madcap design on their website!

The day finishes off with an invitation to a cocktail party hosted by the charming Margaret Russell, editor of Architectural Digest.imageI missed seeing her at Mitch Owens’ lecture last month in New York, and I was in the mob that heard her speak at the AD Home Design Show the next day, so I hope to have the chance to say hi in High Point!

There are a few other smaller events tucked in here and there on Sunday, but it’s capped off by a concert by the Temptations. There’s nothing quite like Motown music!

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