Pigtown Design: Oh What a Night! The Baltimore Museum of Art Celebrates 100 Years

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Over the weekend, we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Baltimore Museum of Art, with a gala party in the museum’s galleries. It was the most amazing party, and I am so lucky that I had an opportunity to attend the dinner and then the after-party.image

It’s highly unusual for a museum to allow food and drink in the galleries with so much valuable artwork, but the BMA made an exception for this “Party of the Century” and allowed a number of the galleries to become small dinner parties. Each gallery’s décor echoed something in the paintings – the cloths and the flowers were all coordinated.IMG_5821IMG_5823IMG_5824IMG_5830IMG_5832IMG_5839

The modern art galleries had more contemporary arrangements, featuring loads of orchids, tulips and peonies, while the classical galleries had arrangements which were more befitting of them.IMG_5843

The flowers were absolutely spectacular! We had a chance to walk around before the party really started, and get a good look at the tables and flowers.IMG_5835

I took a little bit of time to look at some of my favourite decorative art galleries, which continue to be one of the Museum’s highlights for me.IMG_5846IMG_5848IMG_5850

This is such an incredible example of a gallery wall done right! The Museum has pulled paintings out that haven’t been displayed for years, and it was fun to see what they’d chosen and how they were hung.IMG_5849

The dinner was terrific and I had two great dinner partners who kept me entertained through the evening. One of the fun pieces of dinner was the luscious dessert which was a raspberry chocolate bombe, decorated with a picture of the Museum.IMG_5862

The after-party started about two hours after the dinner and featured two things that fill me with dread – interpretive dancers and performance art. There’s a lot of that I don’t understand, and certainly don’t even pretend to understand, like this guy in toe shoes sprawled down the Museum’s front stairs, or any of the other characters.imageIMG_5865IMG_5866IMG_5886There seemed to be an inordinate amount of bubble and saran wrap used in their costumes.

IMG_5875The party was lots of fun, I saw a lot of old and new friends, and best of all, the Museum’s got a fabulous new renovation! All in all, a great evening!


Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a wonderful night!

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