Pit Bull Ruling Challenged in Court, Meanwhile What Are We Actually Going to Do About Dog Attacks?

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The notorious — at least around these parts –Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that determined purebred pit bulls to be “inherently dangerous,” and which in effect held pit owners and their landlords strictly liable for bites, is being challenged in federal court by Joseph Weigel, a resident at the low-income housing development Armistead Gardens, who — along with his fellow residents — was told to ditch his pit bull or face eviction. Weigel’s lawyer sees the ruling as an unconstitutional encroachment on his client’s property rights, as it forces him to choose between his home and his dog.

Now, the last time I mouthed off about the ruling, which I see as hasty and wrong-headed, one of our readers brought up the excellent point that dog attacks are a real and serious issue which we should not lose sight of. In fact, the Court of Appeals ruling stems from the mauling of a young boy by a pit bull in Towson in 2007. Certainly, dogs are potentially dangerous creatures, and that potential increases as the breeds get larger and larger. Hence, responsible pet ownership is absolutely necessary. So it’s a shame that the prejudicial pit bull ruling has created new problems in lieu of solving the long-running one: to safeguard ourselves and our children against random dog attacks without creating chaos in the lives of responsible pet owners.

What would effective, responsible legislation look like?

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  1. Hi, My name is calvin and i am a pitbull breeder. These dogs are not a viscious breed. I have bred and adopted pitbulls and i have brought all of them around my 1yr old and 2yr old. They tug and pull on them and they have shown no signs of aggression. In fact pitbulls are family pets. For the ignorant people out there that have absolutely no clue or idea about pitbulls and seem to have an oppinion about them here is a little lesson for you. Pitbulls were originaly bred for bull baiting in which they had to catch the bull by its nose and hold on. Then they moved from that to dog on dog fighting since it was a cheaper form of entertainment. Now we are talking in the 1100’s to the present. Dog fighters for countless generations culled what they call man biters on the spot. A pitbull that bit a man was seen as a weak dog and that it was less than game. Gameness means that it would keep fighting or going back for more no matter how bad it was injured. A pit that bit was viewed as having fear in the dog. A pitbull that bit people were not allowed in the pit to fight. For this reason aggression against humans was not a trait desired in breeding. So you see ladies and gentlemen, this trait was frowned upon and bred out of these dogs since the breed was being perfected. These are not bad dogs. Pitbulls have even been in the white house as a presidents dog. A pitbull is just like any other dog out there. No more, no less. A dog will only do and take on the traits that the owner trains it and allows it to do. The only reason that these idiots talk about pitbulls are because they look very intimidating and we have other idiots out there handling them and training them to go against there nature. We as a people need to wise up and realize that all dogs have the potential of being violent and harmful no matter what size it is or breed. We should not ban a breed of dog no matter what size or type it is because of what a dog of it’s breed has done. You wouldn’t ban a rottwieler, doberman, or chiuaua if a dog from its breed attacked a person. In most cases they do. It is just not televised or shown as much attention. We need to start holding the owners accountable on a case by case basis for the actions of their animals. When you buy or adopt a pet it is the owners responsibility to properly socialize there animal and train them the right way. If we establish this type of rule and order and quit trying to blame pitbulls i bet you will see alot of this type of animal behavior go down. For all the idiots out there, i am glad to hip you to some knowledge. Also for the idiots that keep screaming “oh its a pitbull” you would seem alot smarter if you just kept your mouth closed.

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